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We are dedicated to delivering the finest Plant Tissue Media Culture Products as well as the best Plant Biology products and information for your plant tissue media culture needs. This is why Plant Tissue Culture Supplies has partnered with Caisson Labs, the finest producer of Plant Tissue Culture Products in the world!

Whether it is Powder Plant Biology, Liquid Plant Biology, Custom Plant Biology, or anything Plant Tissue Media Culture related we either have it or we will make it custom for you! Please visit our “About Us” page to learn just how truly different we are!

If you require a large batch of high-grade and robust quality assurance culture media for propagation, you have come to the right place. No matter your needs, including custom orders for your particular application, we can make it for you and even store it for you. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we can send you a free sample for you to see how much of a difference our Culture Media makes to your propagation – try it before you buy it!

Love your plants! Nothing compares to Our Plant Tissue Culture Media! We Cover Your Needs From A to Z! From Anderson’s Rhododendron to Woody Plant! (Ok…that is A to W but when a Z comes out we guarantee that we’ll have it or we’ll make it special just for  you!)


As we said for Plant Biology, we offer everything from Anderson’s Rhododendron to Woody Plant with Murashige & Skoog powder without and with Vitamins and Sucrose and Gamborg’s and Plant Preservative Mixture as just a few of the 1,100+ items thrown in as well! Whatever your needs are for your vegetative plant propagation we got it for you! Even if you would like to customize a formulation, we can help and deliver your unique formula for your unique application. Just give us a try, we’ll send you a sample before you purchase it, and you will see the difference – we guarantee it!

MURASHIGE & SKOOG W/ VITAMINSWith Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Vitamins & Glycine
Powder Plant Tissue Culture you can trust and rely on – 1ltr, 10ltr, 50ltr, 100ltr.
Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM™)
Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM™)Broad-Spectrum Biocide/Fungicide
Liquid Plant Tissue Culture for all of your needs at 10ml, 30ml, 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml.
GAMBORG’S B5 VITAMIN MIXTUREEach liter equivalent of powder makes one liter of a 1000X vitamin stock solution.
Medium used in Tissue Culture Biology for 1000x vitamin stock solution – 0.1ltr, 1ltr.

We offer a wide range of formulations, along with multiple variations – see our shortlist below:

  • Anderson’s Rhododendron

  • Ceral Crops

  • Chee & Pool (C20) Vitis Medium

  • Chu’s N6

  • CLC/Ipomoea

  • DKW

  • E3P

  • Finer & Nagasawa

  • Gamborg’s
  • Heller’s

  • Hoagland’s

  • Kao & Michayluk
  • Lindemann

  • Linsmaier & Skoog

  • Malgren’s

  • Murashige & Skoog

  • Musa

  • Nitsch & Nitsch

  • Orchid Maintenance

  • Quoirin & Lepoire

  • Shenk & Hildebrandt

  • Vacin & Went

  • Westvaco

  • Woody Plant

  • White’s

Powder Plant Biology

Plant Tissue Culture includes the utilization of little bits of plant tissue or explants which are refined in a supplement medium under sterile conditions. Utilizing the suitable developing conditions for each explant type, plants can be initiated to quickly produce new shoots, and with the expansion of appropriate hormones new roots. These plantlets can likewise be partitioned, typically at the shoot stage, to produce enormous quantities of new plantlets. The new plants would then be able to be set in soil and filled in the ordinary way. Plant propagation with powder with great stability, and consistency in plant growth development.

Liquid Plant Biology

Liquid Plant Tissue Culture offers numerous advantages over powder media. To name two areas where liquid media helps, for example, in the enhancement in growth and multiplication rate of somatic embryos, shoots, and roots. This occurs because of better accessibility to water and nutrients coming from lower resistance to diffusion with a greater contact between the medium and the explant. To name another, in morphogenic development, meriste-moid product is benefited by an actual environment offered by the liquid medium with decreased gradients in the medium and dilution of exuded toxins. With great potential in the future with research using liquid plant tissue culture.

Custom Plant Biology

With over 1300 plus products available for your needs, you should be able to find everything you’re looking for in Plant Biology. Whether you’re growing plants or conducting research in a laboratory, we can custom formulate any mixture you need, specifically for you! Not only produce a custom batch for you, but also store it, and deliver it when you need it on time! Our Plant Tissue Culture is only successful if you are successfully applying it – what do you say? Try it before you buy!

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