Can Murashige and Skoog Help Cure Cancer?

Murashige and Skoog medium are commonly used as plant culture medium in the research laboratories for cultivation of whole plant cell cultures. MSO (MS-zero) was developed by Murashige and Skoog from their research findings about how plants grow in different environments. MSO is composed of plant extracts, salts, oils, proteins, minerals and vitamins. These are the main ingredients of Murashige and Skoog mixture.

Murashige, a professor at the department of botany at the University of Tokyo in Japan discovered MSO in a study in 1952. He has been the chief researcher on this matter for more than half a century. Skoog, a research scientist at the Department of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, was an assistant to him. Murashige and Skoog have been the inventors of the original Murashige and Skoog medium. They have also been the researchers and the inventors of other plant culture Media that were later developed.

Murashige and Skoog Media are known to contain numerous nutrients and are highly effective as plant culture media. Many scientists have used it successfully as plant culture media. Murashige and Skoog medium also has various medicinal and food applications.

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Murashige medium is made up of plant extracts, salts, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and other substances that are essential for cell growth in plants. The essential oils and protein derivatives present in these compounds are responsible for their beneficial effects on plant cells. These are the main ingredients on MSO, also known as Murashige and Skoog Medium.

Murashige and Skoog is available in different concentrations. MSO is made up of the same constituents as other types of plant medium. One major component that is present in high concentration is the amino acid arginine, which is present in all amino acids. Other major components include carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, glycerides, lipids and salts.

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Arginine is the main amino acid found in the proteins, lipids and glycerides. It is very important in controlling the growth of plant cells. It also helps in creating the right pH and other essential metabolic conditions in the cell.

Arginine is also necessary in the process of enzyme reactions. Arginine helps in creating the environment in plants for the production of enzymes. These are essential for the proper growth and proper functioning of the cells. These enzymes are involved in converting food into energy. Arginine also facilitates the proper movement of electrons in the cell.

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When you buy MSO, you must make sure that it is not only the arginine content that you are buying, but the other essential plant ingredients as well. Most of the Murashige and Skoog that is available in the market is not only made up of arginine, but the other essential components present in the mix. Murashige and Skoog can be made available without the arginine, but it is better to check for this fact before making your purchase. You can always use a lab test kit to check the presence of the arginine content and make sure that the product is safe.

The major problem that people face with Murashige and Skoog is that they are unable to get it dissolved in their system. It is because of the fact that it is soluble only in water and in the presence of other substances like lactic acid and other non-soluble salts that it cannot be absorbed easily. If it were absorbed effectively, it would have a very quick action on the symptoms associated with cancerous cells.

Some experts believe that it is possible that the presence of arginine in Murashige and Skoog is responsible for the increased production of some harmful by-products. The harmful by-products of arginine are believed to be the reason why most buyers prefer to find a manufacturer they can trust and rely on. Take a long and careful look through your list of MSO manufacturer and ask for a sample before buying, or even before committing to a long term proposition.


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