I was happy to see God of War and the Legion play along so well together as my experience with the game was very nice. Since I am just fine with 60FPS, I resorted to the Ultra settings and had fun protecting my dramatic son in the game. Lenovo was kind enough to loan us a unit of the Legion 5i Pro for review. However, the views and opinions in this review are unbiased as I subjected the laptop to extensive scrutiny. That said, we have discussed the display and build quality, performance, ports and connectivity options in this review.

  • You’re welcome RJ, in this post I explained how to install the drivers from these repositories properly.
  • Been a week using wireless mouse instead of the touchpad, same problem, it stopped functioning.
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Always scan you computer with a malware scanner such as Malwarebytes and a virus scanner before downloading and installing any file from the internet. The window automatically closes when the installation is complete. Use the next section “Manually selecting a monitor driver in Windows 98, Me, and X,” to complete monitor setup. If a monitor driver is available from the list, download and install the driver. However, if a monitor driver is available, installing it can provide a wider range of display resolutions. If Windows allows only two resolutions , or if the monitor’s native display resolution is unavailable with Plug and Play, try to find and install a monitor driver.


Otherwise, select an item to start building your Cart. Now, click on ‘Driver & Utility‘ on the right pane, under the product’s name. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. You can also try the quick links below to see results for most popular searches. Double-click the installed Display Adapter in Device Manager.

WSA is based on the Intel Bridge runtime compiler; Intel stated that the technology is not dependent on its CPUs, and will also be supported on x86-64 and ARM CPUs from other vendors. Also in my scan I found two cryto-miner trojans on my machine. Not sure if they were activated or not yet, but getting rid of them did not affect the GPU usage.

Wrong or differing resolutions

With solid performance across the board in work and gaming, it’s hard not to use this laptop and picture it as your next machine. However, while this 2022 model is a good refresh to the Legion 5 Pro, there’s no doubt, it’s also expensive. While our fully specced out variant has to be customized and costs around Rs 220,000, you can get the Intel Core-i7, RTX 3060 variant for and customize it further according to your needs. While there are always some offers floating around, there is no doubt that the Legion 5i Pro is a tall order. The keyboard comes with a healthy variety of quick shortcuts including a mic mute button, Lenovo smart key, brightness and volume controls among others. However, my favorite shortcut is FN+Q, which lets you quickly switch between the thermal profiles I mentioned above in the software section.

Does Acer have a application to deliver latest driver Driversol. updates?

Among other causes reported by users whose touchpad stopped working, outdated, or incompatible device drivers are the most common. Driver-related issues can result from corrupt or missing system files or recent system updates. Once the Product Model is selected, a list of drivers will appear on the screen. Simply select the driver for the device you wish to update, click that driver and it will automatically download and install the driver to your system.