Whilst huge video game was being played in Dallas by the Packers and Steelers, another game ended up being going on behind the scenes: the best match between intercourse and recreations.

The Super Bowl is one of watched tv event of the season in America, for both women and men, so it is no surprise that Super Bowl 2011 had a large affect American intercourse physical lives. Personal dating site Zoosk carried out a survey more than 1,000 singles to uncover the connection between really love, intercourse, and soccer, while the effects might replace the way you approach game time permanently.

The war associated with the genders, as it happens, is actually battled about basketball area along with the bed room. Both women and men happened to be broken down on who they hoped would take the trophy: the majority of guys (57per cent) happened to be rooting for Green Bay Packers, while the majority of women (54per cent) had been cheering on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Agreeing on a favorite user also turned out to be an impossible feat. The ladies nominated Tom Brady your leading spot, with 32per cent regarding the ballots, followed closely by Drew Brees (20%), Peyton Manning (17per cent), Brett Favre (14percent), Jason Taylor (12%), and Ladainian Tomlinson (5per cent). Men, having said that, called Brett Favre as their #1, once again with 32per cent of this votes, followed closely by Peyton Manning (22%), Drew Brees (18percent), Tom Brady (14%), Ladainian Tomlinson (8percent), and Jason Taylor (6percent).

A factor men and women could agree on, but ended up being the section of ultra Bowl Sunday they enjoyed most:

  • 57% of singles mentioned that they get a lot of stoked up about the game alone.
  • 20percent reported liking the commercials well.
  • 16per cent stated they take part for all the partying.
  • 7% reported seeing when it comes to spectacle of this half-time tv show.

Survey participants in addition emerged together to choose for appealing player, a reward that went to Ryan Clark associated with Steelers. Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Mason Crosby (Packers), and Hines Ward (Steelers) took the next, 3rd, and last places.

In addition to being home really appealing member inside online game, Pittsburgh also defeat on Green Bay in matters of love and romance. Whenever asked which town that is home to an important football group they might the majority of need to see for a romantic weekend, study participants rated both Green Bay and Pittsburgh poorly – but Green Bay came in dead final.

This may be emerged time for Zoosk to try to respond to the most pressing questions of our own generation: In a battle between sex and also the Super Bowl, just who happens on the top?

Nearly 1 / 2 of male respondents mentioned they’d rather have intercourse than watch the video game, but an impressive 73per cent of females mentioned they’d instead be spending ultra Bowl Sunday while watching television than in the bed room!

Inside words of Alexis Stevens: “it seems like baseball members certainly are the sole ones scoring Sunday night.”

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