Web Guru review

Both of these antivirus programs are rated among the top by the AV Test and protect against many types of malware. However, there are differences in performance and protection. Bitdefender’s full scanners utilize more memory and CPU than Kaspersky and Kaspersky, so you need to take into account the size of your device and performance before deciding on one of these services.

Bitdefender and Kaspersky both provide a basic version of protection that is free. They also both offer additional features that can help ensure your device is secure. A few of them include VPN services such as parental controls, parental controls, and anti-theft tools. Cloud scanning, password manager, as well backup and restore tools are also useful. Bitdefender also offers an application for mobile devices that allows you to check your phone for malicious software, block malicious links, and provide other security features. Bitdefender also has an online community forum that allows users to ask questions and find answers.

In terms of malware detection, Bitdefender did better than Kaspersky in the most recent tests. The detection engine of Bitdefender has been fine-tuned to a greater extent and is able to tell the difference between something that is dangerous and normal. It also has a lower number of false positives, which makes it a safer option for your computer.

Bitdefender’s Traffic Light feature is designed to block unwanted ads that can slow internet browsing. This adblocking option lets you enjoy your browsing, shopping, and streaming without being interrupted by ads which could contain malware.