Many of the top antivirus providers offer a no-cost bootable recovery disk to disinfect your computer after it has been infected. These are essentially Linux-based tools designed to cleanse an infected PC that won’t start or cannot be scanned from a normal antivirus software program running on Windows. For convenience I suggest the Kaspersky disk (though it won’t work on some Dell systems).

You can also get similar features from the Avira and ESET rescue disks, which have a graphical user interface however, they require an external CD or USB device to boot. Both of these options will scan and decipher any malware on your system. However their virus definitions might not be regularly updated like the Rescue Disks that are Linux-based.

The Trend Micro rescue disk is another good choice and is among the smallest on this list at around 70MB. It doesn’t feature a graphical user interface but it works quickly and provides a number of options for customization. These include the ability to mount and scan specific volume volumes, files and even individual folders.

The Comodo Rescue Disk is a great choice for a virus scan, but it isn’t as flexible. the same flexibility as the Linux-based options. It’s an extremely effective tool to detect and eliminate viruses that hide in Windows files, which prevents detection by the standard antivirus software. You can choose between an all-text or full-graphic interface, and also the option to run a smart or custom scan.